Jérôme Berthier speaks at the Artificial General Intelligence Forum, bringing together a large number of AI experts at the Biotech Campus in Geneva.

This forum makes it possible to discover some very different visions  of what AI represents and how we need to manage it in the future. Jérôme  Berthier sums up his takeaways from this day.

“The threat of widespread AI that could perform all of a human’s  tasks is still a long way away. Today, AI is teaching us more about  ourselves than technology. This is pushing us to ask ourselves questions  such as: What is human intelligence? How can we manage change? How can  we create a better society and how can we meet the challenges raised by technology? We need to define the framework to shape our future digital society and the issue of AI, its uses and its role is part of this  process. Today, the challenge is not to know how to manage AI, but more  to know how to manage the natural stupidity involved in managing the  upcoming transition”.

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