Amazon has had to deactivate its artificial intelligence, which discriminated against female candidates for recruitment. Jérôme Berthier looks at this issue in the Forum show on RTS.
The programme, developed in 2014 by the US giant, was intended to help the process for recruiting new staff, but it was found to discriminate against women. So, Amazon had to stop using this programme, updating the potential limits involved with Artificial Intelligence.

Can AI have sexist bias, in the same way as humans?

Listen to Jérôme Berthier’s analysis

Amazon désactive son intelligence artificielle sexiste pour l’embauche: interview de Jérôme Berthier - Radio - Play RTS
Amazon a dû désactiver son intelligence artificielle qui discriminait les candidatures féminine à l’embauche. Le programme, développé en 2014, devait aider au processus de recrutement des nouveaux collaborateurs. Interview de Jérôme Berthier, expert en intelligence artificielle.